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Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century Whiskey

by Joseph
Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Century

We are currently in the midst of the Frank Sinatra centennial, and to celebrate the Chairman’s 100th birthday in a way he himself would probably approve (and enjoy a nice cut of the profits from), there’s really no better way than a glass of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century whiskey.

With input from Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and taste-tested by actual members of the Sinatra clan, Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century is a 100-proof tribute to one of the most legendary entertainers of the 20th century. Even better, every bottle of the stuff comes in not just a handsome gift box but also includes some previously-unreleased Sinatra recordings.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century will set you back about half a grand, but if you can swing it go ahead to the official Jack Daniel’s site here where you can purchase yours, or get one for the Sinatra-obsessed alcoholic in your life.

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