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Jack Daniel’s Coffee: Start Your Day With Jack

by Joseph
Jack Daniel's coffee

Jack Daniel's coffee

It is unfortunately not considered acceptable in many circles to begin your day with a swig of Jack Daniel’s. This hypocrisy has now been addressed by the company itself, who have come out with a line of Jack Daniel’s coffee that you can enjoy every morning in peace (especially since it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol).

While Jack Daniel’s coffee won’t get you drunk, it is infused with genuine Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, and supposedly contains flavor notes retained from that whiskey, including caramel and vanilla. And if you want to lace your coffee with some actual, drunk-getting whiskey a la unlicensed New York private eye Matthew Scudder? Well, who’s gonna know?

Available in both regular and decaffeinated varieties, Jack Daniel’s coffee can be purchased starting at $7 at a finer retailer near you very soon, and you can get more information on the product at its own official site right here.

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