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Jack Boot in Brown From Taft

by Joseph
Jack Boot in Brown

Jack Boot in Brown

With Donald Trump carving an eerie path to the presidency, you’re going to be hearing the term “jackboot” thrown around a lot in the next few months. But there’s no reason that fascist thugs should own a footwear term, which is presumably why the people at Taft have come out with their Jack Boot in Brown, no relationship to those black knee-lengths favored by war criminals everywhere.

The Jack Boot in Brown is handmade from (bear with me here) Italian leather in Spain, with an inner lining of calfskin and a pull tab in the back that’s purportedly just for show. And unlike its cousin without the space in between “jack” and “boot,” it’s versatile in a wide variety of situations, not just marching through Poland.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit of money on quality footwear, you can order your own Jack Boot in Brown for $235 from the Taft online store right here.

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