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iTunes Radio Seeking Drake, Pharrell as Guest DJs

by Joseph
iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio

We’re living in an age when it’s apparently not enough for online music streaming services to offer up entire libraries of recorded music – they also have to have exclusive content. iTunes Radio is the latest to try to get on the bandwagon established by services like Tidal, and they’re looking to pony up $19 million to get Drake as a special guest DJ.

Drake isn’t the only artist being courted by iTunes Radio. Apple is also trying to get David Guetta and Pharrell Williams to provide some exclusive content for the service, set to relaunch soon. Reportedly, a free trial of the service will be available for three months, with a $10 a month fee coming after that, and it would reasonably take big names like Drake’s to draw people away from Spotify or Tidal.

You can read more about Apple’s iTunes Radio plans over at Hypetrak here, and stay tuned to see if exclusive content from Drake and others is coming to iTunes Radio in the near future.


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