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ISIS Has Declared War on Nike

by Joseph
ISIS' Nike Ban

ISIS' Nike Ban

It would be pointless to go into any of the geopolitical nuances of radical Islamic group ISIS in this space, but their sphere and our sphere have intersected, and it’s definitely worth noting. Recent Twitter interactions involving the group have indicated that Nike is now on their “no-list,” and members caught wearing the brand risk serious punishments.

The ISIS Nike ban reportedly has to do with the fact that “Nike” sounds a little like an Arabic obscenity, and also the name’s origin as the Greek goddess of victory, both of which come together to make Nike kind of a dealbreaker for ISIS. One of the Twitter exchanges in question can be seen in the photo below:

ISIS' Nike Ban

So wearing Nike has gone from a display of brand loyalty and style to a sign of patriotism! You can read more about ISIS’ war on Nike over at The Daily Mail here, and in the name of freedom maybe you should go to the mall and pick up some Swoosh gear today.

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