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Is this Nike’s Worst Design Ever?

by Kevin Nardone

Earlier this year, Nike rolled out its Air Zoom Type, essentially recreating its record-breaking Zoom Alphafly NEXT% runner—except this time with a sort of lifestyle twist to it.

The shoe always had a, um, let’s say ‘unusual’ design, but at least it had some charm to it. Because now the latest iteration that Nike has dropped, the Air Zoom Type SE is absolutely heinous.

I actually don’t hate the sail, light mahogany brown, and white colorway, but when you dress a sneaker up with a Sherpa-looking shroud, metallic zippers, jewel dubraes and multicolored laces—you better do it right.

Not pump out a design that looks like a rabbit foot.

The only positive is that if for some reason you actually wanted to buy this shoe, Nike took mercy on you and made the zippered shroud removeable.

Are you crazy enough for this bizarre design? Bust open the piggy bank for $150 and get ready for their release at Nike.com.

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