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‘Iron Man: How It All Began’ Video Essay

by Joseph
Iron Man: How It All Began

Iron Man: How It All Began

Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe longer than any of its other occupants, and the film that started it all turned ten years old earlier this month — believe it or not. ScreenPrism is taking a look back at the film in a new video essay entitled Iron Man: How It All Began. 

I recently watched Iron Man again, and even though I wasn’t giving it my full attention it really seemed to hold up well. And Iron Man: How It All Began seeks to explain not just how the film kicked off the now 18-strong-and-counting feature film franchises, but how Tony Stark is different from his fellow screen superheroes before and after.

Take a look at Iron Man: How It All Began below, and for more video essays where that came from take a look at the ScreenPrism YouTube channel right here.


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