Home Entertainment ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Date Announcement (Video)

‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Date Announcement (Video)

by Joseph
Iron Fist Season 2 Date Announcement

Iron Fist Season 2 Date Announcement

Iron Fist is sort of the Ringo of the whole Defenders crew, the weakling, the also-ran, the one everyone vents their frustrations with the world on. But as with Ringo, you can’t keep Danny Rand down, and he’s likely to outlive them all. Enter the Iron Fist season 2 date announcement. 

The Iron Fist season 2 date announcement from Netflix is a very cinematic trailer for the show’s second season, complete with an ominous voiceover that intones, “a war is brewing,” just like every other trailer you see in movie theaters these days. But it’s brief, to the point, and it gives you a premiere date for the show, as promised.

That premiere date is September 7th, 2018, when you’ll be able to watch the entirety of Iron Fist‘s second season on your nearest local Netflix provider. And Ringo Starr’s latest studio album, Give More Love, is available in record stores now.

Here’s the trailer:

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