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Iridescent Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch

by Joseph
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Nixon 42-20 ChronoNixon 42-20 ChronoNixon 42-20 Chrono


A new timepiece from Nixon has recently been unveiled, and it’s one that will stand out thanks to the unique visual texture that coats its surface. It’s an iridescent 42-20 Chrono colorway.

Iridescence is a visual property that causes surfaces to change in color based on the angle of the light that hits it (the best example of this in nature would probably be a soap bubble). And this new Nixon 42-20 colorway has been treated with an iridescent coating that brings that unique look to the watch’s bezel, hands, and more. The parts of the watch that haven’t been given the iridescent treatment are in gunmetal chrome, which is a striking material in its own right.

The Nixon 42-20 Chrono’s iridescent color scheme doesn’t come off optimally in still photographs, but nevertheless you can see a few in the gallery up top. And the watch is available now from select Nixon retailers.  For more info, head over to Nixon’s website here.

(via Freshness)

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