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iPhone 5S To Come With Fingerprint Sensor?

by Joseph

iphone 5S

As always with Apple products, there are tons of rumors about what new features will be integrated into the iPhone 5S once it eventually comes out. But one of the most interesting is the idea of a fingerprint sensor on the device’s home button.

The most obvious application for a fingerprint sensor would be that passwords and other forms of iPhone security would no longer be necessary, as users could be sure that no one without their own fingerprints would be able to access their device. But who knows what other uses software developers could come up with for a fingerprint sensor? The possibilities are endless!

However, we should remind you again that for now, this is just a rumor. But a fingerprint sensor would be the kind of thing Apple would be interested in, as it would allow for the iPhone 5S to retain its predecessors’ minimalist design, while keeping Apple on the cutting edge of smartphone technology.

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