Home Entertainment ‘Ip Man 3’ Teaser Trailer Featuring Mike Tyson (Video)

‘Ip Man 3’ Teaser Trailer Featuring Mike Tyson (Video)

by Joseph
Ip Man 3 Teaser

Ip Man 3 Teaser

If you’re a fan of action cinema you’re hopefully already aware of the Ip Man series of films starring Donnie Yen as the legendary Wing Chun master who counted Bruce Lee among his pupils. But even if you aren’t, the return of the series for a third installment will probably be of interest, since for some reason Ip Man 3 features Yen going up against Mike Tyson.

It’s this duel that the new teaser trailer for Ip Man 3 focuses on in the climax, indicating that it will be a big selling point when the movie comes out. What it doesn’t provide is additional details on the character Tyson is playing, but I guess the fact that he’s good at fighting and is angry with Ip Man is character enough.

The teaser trailer for Ip Man 3 can be watched below. And for release details on the film, stay tuned to its official Facebook page right here.

Here’s the teaser:

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