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iOS 7 Jailbreak Released (Video)

by Joseph
iOS 7

iOS 7

If you’re tech-savvy  enough (and you possess the requisite amount of courage) to go outside the rules handed down by the powers that be for your Apple device, great news: The iOS 7 jailbreak has finally hit the internet courtesy of Evasi0n. But there’s some bad news too, which can be read in the following tweet from jailbreak app’s creator:

So the usual warnings about not to mess with your iPhone or iPad in this way unless you’re completely sure you know what you’re doing apply even more than they normally do. Simply put, this would probably not be a good time for you to reduce your Apple devices to paperweights.

If you want to give it a try anyway, there’s a YouTube video showing you how a jailbreak for your iOS 7 device can be done in about five minutes, which you can watch below. Good luck, jailbreakers.

Here’s the video:

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