Home Entertainment ‘Intruder 3’: Toonami’s ‘Intruder’ Series is Back (Video)

‘Intruder 3’: Toonami’s ‘Intruder’ Series is Back (Video)

by Joseph
Intruder 3

Intruder 3

Fans and casual Cartoon Network viewers from back in the day may remember The Intruder, the 2000 series of shorts following the lovable Toonami programming block host TOM and his AI assistant SARA on board the Absolution, a giant exploration vessel floating through deep space while its lone occupant sits around watching cartoons all day. Intruder 2 was next in 2012, and now we have the first episode of Intruder 3.

Like the first two Intruder series, Intruder 3 deals with those brief intervals of action that TOM and SARA experience when they aren’t broadcasting cartoons to viewers throughout the known universe. The first episode has a giant sandworm approaching their ersatz desert planet base in the midst of a massive radiation storm. What will happen next? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out, William Witney-style.

For now, you can watch the first episode of Intruder 3 below. And to make sure you don’t miss future episodes, you can subscribe to the Adult Swim YouTube channel right here. I love this job.

Here’s the first episode:

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