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‘Interstellar’: Third Trailer Drops (Video)

by Joseph


By this point, if you’re not excited for (or, at the very least, aware of) the next Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, it’s safe to say that you aren’t going to be. But the people at Warner Bros have gone ahead and released a third trailer anyway, giving viewers a few more tantalizing glimpses at what the movie will actually be like when it comes out next month.

The third official trailer for Interstellar has a lot of stuff that previous trailers haven’t showed, but the overall mystery surrounding specifics of the movie’s plot remains intact. But we do know that Matthew McConaughey will encounter a weird alien/robot thing after hanging a left at Saturn, so that’s cool.

You can watch trailer 3 for Interstellar, also starring Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, and Jessica Chastain, below. And mark your star calendars for November 6th, when the movie is scheduled to be released. Until then, check out the movie’s official website here.

Here’s the trailer:

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