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Intelligent Energy Develops Weeklong Hydrogen Smartphone Battery

by Joseph
Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy

No one – NO ONE – is happy with their smartphone battery. The longer you’ve had your phone, the worse the battery in all likelihood is, which is why there are so many products out there that aim to improve battery life or make charging more convenient in some way. But the future is upon us, and Intelligent Energy has reportedly developed a hydrogen battery that can keep a smartphone apping and snapping for an entire week in between charges.

Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen battery was developed expressly for the iPhone 6, and there’s no word yet on when or even if other smartphones could also benefit from the technology. But let’s face it – once one phone has it, it won’t be long before the technology becomes standard, and in a few years’ time we might all wonder how we ever survived having to charge our phones every single day.

For now, Intelligent Energy is focused on working with Apple to figure out how best to market and implement the battery for the iPhone 6. For more info, you can check out an article on the battery at Mirror right here.

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