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Intel Face-Mapping Demonstrated by Nobumichi Asai (Video)

by Joseph
Intel Face-Mapping

Intel Face-Mapping

Technology and artistry’s centuries-long relationship is showing no signs of slowing down. VFX artist and performer Nobumichi Asai and Studio WOW have collaborated with the Intel tech brand for an incredible video demonstrating Intel face-mapping technology, and the implications of the tech are pretty exciting.

The video shows Asai’s face coated in beams of light that create incredible illusions over her face – streams of tears, shifting of color and shape, weird cat-eyes, and much more. The video was created using Intel face-mapping tech to scan the model’s head, creating the animations, then 3D-projecting them over her actual face in real time.

It’s an effect much better witnessed for yourself than described, so it would be a good idea to check out Nobumichi Asai’s Intel face-mapping wizardry for yourself in the video below. And stay tuned to Intel’s official site right here for more developments of and applications for this cool new process.

Here’s the video:


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