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Intel Compute Stick: Turn Any HDMI Screen Into a Computer

by Joseph
Intel Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick

The miniaturization of technology means that fewer and few people are walking around with full-sized laptops or notebook computers, and even fewer are using desktop PCs, but that doesn’t these larger computers don’t have their uses. And a new product from Intel combines the power of larger computers with unparalleled portability: The Intel Compute Stick.

The Intel Compute Stick packs what Intel purports to be a complete computing experience into a small stick just four inches long. Users will simply plug the stick into any HDMI display, and the combination will be a Windows 8.1 computer at your fingertips, with built-in storage space, wireless connectivity, and much more.

Set to come out later this year, the Intel Compute Stick is still awaiting FCC authorization, but you can get more information as it arrives on Intel’s official website for the product right here. Until it does, you’ll just have to make due with whatever giant behemoth you call a computer now.

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