Home Tech & Gear InstruMMents 01: “The World’s First Dimensioning Instrument”

InstruMMents 01: “The World’s First Dimensioning Instrument”

by Joseph
InstruMMents 01

InstruMMents 01

Compulsive measurers rejoice! “The world’s first dimensioning instrument” is now here, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, as well as multi-functional enough to justify carrying it with you pretty much anywhere you go. It’s the InstruMMents 01, a mag roller that can measure just about anything with literal laser-precision.

The InstruMMents 01 can also house a pen, pencil, or stylus within its aluminum and steel frame, which is where that multi-functionality comes in. It can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to make sharing, storing, tracking, and converting all of your measurements much easier than ever before.

With about a month left to go in its IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, the InstruMMents 01 has already surpassed its $100,000 goal by fifty grand. To get in on that action, you can pre-order your own 01 dimensioning instrument from that IndieGoGo listing right here, where you can also get a better idea of all the things it can do.

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