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Instant Games Coming to Facebook Messenger (Video)

by Joseph
Instant Games

Instant Games

We all know that it goes down in the DM, but many are in the dark about what it actually is that’s going down there. For a clearer answer to that question, you have to switch from Twitter to Facebook Messenger, which has recently unveiled Instant Games that are assuredly much more entertaining than anything that could possibly be transmitted via Twitter Direct Message.

Basically, Instant Games is a new gaming platform, built into the social media site’s messaging service, that lets you challenge one or more friends to a variety of games.  Right now, classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders are available, as well as Words With Friends Frenzy and other newer multiplayer games.

You can watch the Facebook Instant Games launch video below. And to experience the games for yourself, just keep an eye out for the Instant Games icon on your Messenger app soon if it hasn’t shown up already.

Here’s the video:

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