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20 Lame But Popular Instagram Hashtags

by Esteban

lame instagram hashtags

Hashtags are a really amazing way for ideas, opionions, jokes, and trends to spread across social media services like Twitter and Instagram. However, for every clever, funny, or useful hashtag like #iHaveNoLoveFor, #winning, or #SuperBowl, there are a hundred really stupid, lame hashtags. And today we’re going to take a look at 20 of the most popular yet lame hashtags on Instagram.

What makes them lame? Well, in some cases, they’re lame because they are the result of people being idiots and not understanding how a hashtag should work. In other cases they’re lame simply because, while effective, they just direct you to dumb subject matter. But of course, you may have totally different ideas of what lameness is—maybe you think I’m lame, which is reasonable. So if you have other thoughts on lame Instagram hashtags, please chime in after you check out my list.

Speaking of which, here you go…


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