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Instagram Direct: Instagram’s New Private Messaging Service

by Joseph
Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct

Photo sharing app Instagram has added a new wrinkle to its very popular service. It’s called Instagram Direct, and it changes Instagram from an entirely public broadcast-model service to something different and more like a conventional social-networking service.

Instagram Direct adds two new tabs on top of each Instagram post: “Followers” and “Direct.” Posts that go out to your followers work the way that Instagram always has, but messages sent through Instragram Direct are private and only go to the users (up to 15) that you specify. And interestingly, text-only messages aren’t supported by Instagram Direct. It’s a big move by Instagram, but one that many have said was inevitable, as most of the other big social networking services already have some kind of direct or private messaging service.

The company recently released a video introducing Instagram Direct, which you can check out below. And for more on the new service, you can take a look at the official Instagram blog here.

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