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See Inside a Knock-Off Nike Factory in China (Video)

by Joseph
Chinese Counterfeit Nike Factory

Chinese Counterfeit  Nike Factory

If you follow the world of sneakers at all, you’re certainly aware of the phenomenon of off-brand knock-offs. The idea is that by copying brands like Nike and producing cheaper imitations of their products, clever businessmen can make lots of money.

But lately, sneakerheads have noticed that imitation Nikes are getting better and better, with many of them being all-but-indistinguishable from the genuine articles. Some of the factories churning these top-notch imitations out are located in Putian, China, where the fake Nike industry employs almost 10 percent of the town’s three-million people.

You can see a video below detailing the situation. And remember only to get your rare or valuable sneakers from trusted sources if you’re concerned about counterfeits.

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