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Inside Abbey Road With Google: Interactive Digital Tour (Video)

by Joseph
Google Presents Inside Abbey Road

Google Presents Inside Abbey Road

Recording studios just don’t get any more legendary than Abbey Road Studios in London. Most people know it as the inspiration for the iconic Beatles record and its even more iconic cover, but really it’s had an incredible history going back all the way to 1931. And now, thanks to the benevolent overlords at Google, you can take an online virtual tour that they’re calling Inside Abbey Road.

Google’s presentation of Abbey Road Studios seeks to be as realistic as possible, with more than 150 different 360-degree panoramic images, and a look inside at least one mastering suite that’s never been seen by the public. You can also mess around with some of the equipment inside the studio (certainly one of the best advantages a virtual tour has over a real one), including the J37 4-track recorder used to make Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

You can get a quick taste of Google Presents: Inside Abbey Road in the video below, but to get the full experience you need to find some headphones and click here.

Here’s the video:

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