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Inkdot Custom Photo Prints

by Joseph


Have you ever taken a photo and thought to yourself, “this is good enough to hang on somebody’s wall?” If so, congrats, William Klein.  But also, less sarcastically, there’s a new way for you to do just that, and Inkdot is cheaper than you might expect.

Inkdot offers a variety of different prints of any image you can upload to their site, regardless of size or resolution. You can get “gallery-quality” metal prints, wood prints, and customized coasters in sets of four. All of these are made by the company’s own designers and craftsmen, some of whom can even give you advice on which format would be best for displaying each of your desired images.

You can start shopping around at the Inkdot site here, where prices start at $13 for the coasters and $16.25 for the metal and wood prints. The site is designed to work with Instagram too, so if you take a lot of coffee photos it may be time to step your game up.

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