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Inkas Armored Vehicles

by Joseph
Inkas Armored Vehicles

Inkas Armored Vehicles

Usually when you’re picking out an armored vehicle, you sacrifice variety for security. But Inkas Armored Vehicles goes beyond the usual slate of armor plated Cadillacs and Suburbans, via their selection of vehicles that offers a wide spectrum of options.

Examples of some of the vehicles in the Inkas fleet include the Toyota Camry, the BMW 5-Series, the Mercedes CLS, and an assortment of buses and police cars. To sum it up, if they can fit armor plating, bulletproof glass, and firewalls on a car, they do.

Maybe an armored Weinermoble is on the way?

Even if not, you still might want to check out the Inkas Armored Vehicles website here, where you can make your own inquiries about getting an armored car. But you know what they say: If you have to ask how much, it’s too much. That’s probably true in the case of armored cars.

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