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Ink Hunter App Lets You Try Out Tattoos Digitally

by Joseph
Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter

So you want to get a tattoo. Throughout history, people have pulled the trigger on that decision using only their imaginations and possibly the wise counsel of a friend or enabler, but now there’s an app that lets you see for yourself exactly how a given tattoo will look on your skin before you get it. It’s called Ink Hunter.

Ink Hunter works by taking a photo of the part of your body you want to ink, then loading it up with a variety of pre-made designs, with the option to upload your own designs as well. Then, the app uses augmented reality to visualize the tattoo on you in real time. Various filters and social media functions are built into the app as well, making it extremely easy to freak out your parents on Facebook (as the app’s official site says, “don’t tell your mom you have this app!”).

You can get more information on Ink Hunter, and get it for free for iOS devices (Android and Windows Phone versions coming soon) right here.


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