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‘Inhumans’: Teaser for New Marvel Series (Video)

by Joseph


The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its march towards inevitable over-bloat and implosion with Inhumans. If you’re not up on your Marvel lore, the Inhumans are a group of superpowered individuals who face discrimination from the outside world – basically it’s like the X-Men, but less popular and Marvel owns the screen rights lock stock and barrel.

The teaser for Inhumans dropped earlier this month, but it hasn’t gotten the level of attention that usually accompanies the big Marvel unveilings. As teasers go, it doesn’t reveal much, like what Black Bolt or Medusa will look like in their live-action incarnations, and it mostly takes the form of audio clips from the show. The most exciting thing is probably the fact that even though the show is coming to ABC in the fall, the premiere will actually take place in IMAX theaters on September 1st. Here’s the teaser:

For more, head over to Marvel’s YouTube channel here.

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