Home Entertainment ‘Inherent Vice’: “Paranoia” Trailer Drops (Video)

‘Inherent Vice’: “Paranoia” Trailer Drops (Video)

by Joseph
Inherent Vice trailer

Inherent Vice trailer

Almost everyone is familiar with paranoia as a side-effect of a certain popular recreational substance, but there was a time in the United States, not too long ago, when it was a side-effect of simply being alive. That’s the era being explored in the latest trailer for the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson movie Inherent Vice.

Consequently, the new Inherent Vice trailer goes by the name “Paranoia,” and features a new bit of voiceover from Joanna Newsom that touches on that very subject. As a result, it’s not quite as funny as the original Inherent Vice trailer we’ve all come to know and love, but it does have a little bit more Martin Short, so I guess it balances out.

You can watch the new Inherent Vice “Paranoia” trailer below. And for more, head to the film’s official website here, which might serve to distract you from all those eyes watching you at all times until film’s opening date later this month.

Here’s the trailer:

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