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‘Inglourious Basterds’ Apple Strudel Subject of ‘Binging With Babish’ Episode (Video)

by Joseph
Inglourious Basterds apple strudel

Inglourious Basterds apple strudel

When Francis Ford Coppola was making The Godfather, he took care to include plenty of scenes of cooking, so even if the movie didn’t turn out well people could at least get a kitchen tip or two out of it. The result is a movie that can make you really hungry if you’re not careful, and it’s joined by Inglorious Basterds in that regard, with its lovingly shot pastries enjoyed by the villainous Hans Landa – particularly an apple strudel. And now, the latest episode of Binging with Babish will help you make the Inglourious Basterds apple strudel all on your own.

The video gives you a step by step guide to creating the Inglourious Basterds apple strudel, so you don’t have to suffer through any meals with SS officials to enjoy one. And yes, it shows you how to make that delicious-looking cream topping as well. If you’re anywhere near a kitchen right now, you might want to clear some space:

And for more of Binging with Babish, you can check out all the other episodes of the series on YouTube right here. That’s a bingo, this just might be my masterpiece, etc, etc, etc.

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