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‘Indiana Jones 5’ Announced, Already Has Release Date

by Joseph
Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones 5

You knew it was going to happen eventually, but now it’s official: There’s going to be a fifth Indiana Jones movie.  And luckily for the Jones purists out there, the movie that we have to call Indiana Jones 5 for now will star none other than Harrison Ford, and not some younger interloper, under the fedora.

Indiana Jones 5 will also feature Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair, but somewhat worrisome is the fact that the series’s longtime producer, screenwriter, and let’s face it, creator, George Lucas, isn’t even mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter‘s story on the project. We know he’s not busy with Star Wars stuff, so what’s he doing? We’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, you can check out that Hollywood Reporter article right here, where you can confirm the somewhat surprising news that Indiana Jones 5 already has a release date, albeit more than three years in the future: July 19, 2019.


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