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IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case (Video)

by Joseph
IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case

IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case

We all probably assumed that Batman‘s famous utility belt was a simple work of fiction, but the IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case is making me question that assumption. It’s ostensibly a smartphone case, but check out this list of features: two precision screwdrivers, two ball point pens, a nail file, a pair of tweezers, a set of scissors, and a kick stand.

That’s right, a kick stand for watching videos! One of the best parts about the IN1’s design is that it isn’t engineered to impress with a lot of flashy but useless gadgets. Instead, it’s outfitted with equipment for everyday tasks – pens, nail files, scissors, and the like. And, best of all, it doesn’t take up any extra space in your pocket (provided, you’re used to carrying an iPhone in there, that is).

For more information on the IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case, as well as to buy one for $45, just go to the product’s website here. And to see it in action, check out the short video below.

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