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In Your Mace! Pepper Spray Inspired Beer from Dogfish Ale

by Joseph
In Your Mace!

In Your Mace!

Most of us, hopefully, will never experience the sensation of Mace brand pepper spray firsthand. And in a shocking failure of reading the room, Dogfish Ale has given everyone a chance to get a little taste o’ Mace, with a new craft brew entitled In Your Mace! According to a Dogfish statement the beer is actually an officially licensed collaboration with the Mace brand – who, I would imagine, don’t get to do stuff like this very often:

“We’re always in search of unique, avant-garde, experimental beer ideas that push the boundaries of traditional brewing while still delivering rich aromas, flavor profiles and culinary ingredients that Dogfish beer fans count on and love. IN YOUR MACE! is one of our most fun and personal partnerships to date and I’m super proud of this small-batch team-up with our friends at Mace Brand pepper spray. Any day we get to brew a beer wearing full body suits, face masks and respirators is a memorable day in the brewhouse.”

Those spices give In Your Mace! a distinctively spicy flavor, although I wouldn’t expect it to do much against a crazed attacker. For that, I guess you’d have to break one of the bottles and use it as a sharp weapon, a scenario which they’re pretty much asking for by releasing a Mace inspired beer. Get more information at the Dogfish Ale site right here.



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