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‘In a Galaxy Far, Far Away’: 45 Years of ‘Star Wars’ in ‘The New York Times’

by Joseph
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The New York Times has always purported to contain all the news that’s fit to print, and since 1973 that has included plenty of material relating to the Star Wars franchise. Now, the Gray Lady is giving fans of that franchise a chance to have all of the paper’s reporting on it so far in one handsome volume entitled In a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Here’s the skinny courtesy of the Times online store:

“The 12″ x 15″ coffee table book chronicles the public and critical reception of the sci-fi film and its historical and cultural impact. It contains all the important Times articles about the films and their legacy, including reviews, news articles, graphics, photos, obituaries and behind-the-scenes exclusives.”

The only real flaw in In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, besides the fact that the title of the book isn’t actually printed on the cover, is that since The New York Times will undoubtedly continue printing Star Wars stuff for the foreseeable future, it’s probably already in need of a sequel – kind of like Star Wars movies, now that I think of it.

Check out In a Galaxy Far, Far Away at the NYT online store here, where a copy will set you back 80 credits.

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