Home Tech & Gear The Impossible Project Preserves the Legacy of Instant Film (Video)

The Impossible Project Preserves the Legacy of Instant Film (Video)

by Joseph
The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project

Instant film, most recognizably in the form of Polaroid cameras and prints, are well on their way to extinction in our digital, quasi-paperless society. But what anyone who truly loves photography knows is that the tactile pleasure of holding and touching a Polaroid photo in your hands is a priceless experience, which is exactly the market that The Impossible Project seeks to serve.

The Impossible Project is a company that has taken so-called obsolete cameras and given them 21st century upgrades, making their continued use possible. Those upgrades include color borders on prints, black and white film stock, graphic prints, and more. The company has a lot of famous fans, including Jack White, who collaborated with The Impossible Project for some Third Man branded black and yellow film stock, now available from the company’s online store.

You can check out The Impossible Project online store right here, where cameras, film, and various other instant film goodies are available for purchase. And for more from the company, take a look at their introductory video below.


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