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NBA Forces Iman Shumpert To Remove adidas Logo From Hair

by Joseph
Iman Shumpert adidas Logo

Iman Shumpert adidas Logo

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert decided to show his loyalty to sneaker brand adidas by having the famous three-stripe logo cut into his hair. Unfortunately for adidas, which probably would have appreciated the free publicity, the cut was in violation of the NBA’s uniform regulations, which clearly forbid this kind of corporate branding. ┬áSo Shumpert had the logo shaved off, and in its place is a plain lopsided triangle (you can see a before-and-after picture above).

If he really wanted to make it disappear he should have turned the logo into a picture of a Triscuit or something – although maybe that’s not allowed either.

For Shumpert’s part, he doesn’t appear to harbor any ill will towards his NBA bosses, tweeting the following about the incident:

“#banned…sry @nba didn’t realize there were branding issues wit da logo.”

But really, this story has probably earned adidas more publicity than they ever would have garnered had the logo remained in Shumpert’s head.

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