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IKEA SITTNING Collection Includes Placemat With Smartphone Pouch

by Joseph


One of the stereotypes about modern people that is unfortunately somewhat true is that we’re often too busy looking at our smartphones to appreciate the world around us. It figures that IKEA would be the retailer to save us all from this private hell, and they’re attempting to do so with the upcoming IKEA SITTNING collection, items engineered “to celebrate the joys of sharing a meal with those you love.”

The IKEA SITTNING collection gets its name from a Swedish dining tradition, but its built with an international audience in mind. And one of its most intriguing pieces is the collection’s smartphone placemat, which has a pocket for distraction-free enjoyment of a meal. Yeah, you could just put your phone in your pocket during dinner, or even turn it off, but this seems like a more psychologically feasible way to wean smartphone addicts off of mealtime swiping and Liking (also, the loose weave means you’ll see if you get a call, unless you put your phone in the pocket face-down).

You can see the IKEA SITTNING smartphone placemat in the photo up at the top of the page. The collection is set to hit IKEA retailers in September, but until then you can get more info at IKEA’s official site here.

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