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Ikawa Digital Home Coffee Roaster (Video)

by Joseph


For most people, coffee is simply a beverage we pick up on our way to work so we don’t fall asleep in our cars. But for true coffee connoisseurs, there’s a new kid on the block that lets you take unprecedented control over your coffee, by roasting the beans in small amounts in your own home with the Ikawa digital smartphone-controlled home coffee roaster.

The Ikawa is purported to be “the world’s first digital micro-roaster,” and it can roast green, unroasted beans according to your precise specifications in a matter of minutes, preparing them to be turned into a cup of coffee with a flavor profile that the user determined virtually every aspect of. If you don’t know anything about coffee roasting, this might be a good way to learn, since you can also use pre-programmed recipes in the smartphone app to get the perfect roast.

Ikawa is in the very last leg of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter here, where you can pre-order yours for just under $700, and get a lot more information on how the machine works and what it can do. You can also watch a short demonstration video below.


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