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IHOP ‘N GO: IHOP Rolls Out Home Delivery Service

by Joseph


Uh oh – previous generations learned about the nutritional hazards of eating at IHOP the hard way, but at least they had the walk to and from the car through the parking lot to burn a few calories off the top. Now, with the unveiling of IHOP’s new online order platform IHOP ‘N GO and its home delivery option, there’s no telling what could happen.

Select cities in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, and Utah will see the addition of home delivery to the IHOP ‘N GO platform, and that may be the last thing those cities see before drowning in an ocean of syrup, whipped cream, and bacon grease until the end of winter. One crucial component of the service is special packaging reportedly developed by the restaurant in order to “protect the integrity” of IHOP’s signature breakfasts while they make the trip from restaurant to your home.

Everybody with a neighborhood IHOP can check out the new IHOP ‘N GO online order system here. And keep your eyes on that space to see if home delivery will be available for you soon – if it is, maybe consider buying a treadmill or something.

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