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IGTV: Long-Form Instagram Platform Coming This Week

by Joseph


One of the chief advantages YouTube has in the online video marketplace is the fact that it allows users to blather on indefinitely as much as an hour at a time. Now, Instragram users can do the same, with the impending roll-out of IGTV, a long-form video platform that will allow for videos anywhere from 15 seconds to an hour in length.

Instagram has reportedly been meeting with its top content creators in the hopes of encouraging longer videos, all the better to keep their followers on the platform longer. As with YouTube, the ultimate identity of IGTV will depend on what these creators do with the new format.

Right now, you can read up on IGTV right here, and watch for it to hit your Instagram account in a matter of days. Then, hopefully, some possibly insane filmmaker will create the world’s first IGTV feature in the near future.

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