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If a Suit and Pajamas Had a Baby…

by Kevin Nardone

For starters, I know I am not some brilliant fashionista. Not by a long shot. That’s why I, like many, rely on jeans and a black t-shirt to remain socially acceptable.

And while it might be nice to be a little more explorative with my choices—every once in a while, something comes along that reaffirms my decision to keep it simple.

This latest Stüssy suit does exactly that. It is nothing against tweed sport coats as a whole. Sometimes they actually look pretty cool. But there is simply no way to present yourself as a sane human being in this outfit.

Imagine meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. Shaking hands, doing all the small talk, smiling away—meanwhile they are just staring at your bizarro world pajama suit wondering what personal demon possessed you to wear such an outfit.

I mean look at Stüssy’s model—he has a look that screams, “Man, f*ck this suit.”

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