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Ideenzug German Luxury Train Concept

by Joseph


Travel by train is romantic and all, but it often isn’t too comfortable – and that gets truer the longer you’re stuck on a train. Germany’s state-owned train company Deutsche Bahn has unveiled a potential exception to this rule – a luxury train concept that’s essentially a high class hotel on tracks, called the Ideenzug.

The Ideenzug’s most chillingly Fahrenheit 451-like innovation would have to be its “digital fitness coaches” that cheer you on as you pedal a stationary bike in front of a giant wall screen. Then there are the on-board TVs and children’s playrooms, plus stuff like bike storage, a business center and naturally a dining car, although probably a better one than what you’re used to – everything one can imagine needing during a cross-country train ride.

It’s just a concept for now, but you can learn more about the Ideenzug right here, where you can also check out plenty of concept art like you see up at the top.

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