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IcyBreeze Cooler/Portable Air Conditioner (Video)

by Joseph


Imagine this: You’re at a barbecue, with a frosty cooler full of ice-cold beer and soda only a few feet away. But you’re so drained by the sweltering summer heat that you can’t … quite … make it … to the cooler. Instead you fall down dead of heat exhaustion. While this scenario was all too common in previous eras, now it’s a thing of the past thanks to IcyBreeze, billed as “the world’s only portable air conditioner and cooler.”

The IcyBreeze channels the cold air inside the ice-filled cooler and blows it outward through a powerful three-speed fan (but don’t worry, it’s done in such a way that doesn’t compromise the temperature inside). According to the makers of IcyBreeze, it can chill the air in its immediate vicinity to as much as 35 degrees cooler than the actual temperature.

To see a video all about the IcyBreeze, look no further than the space immediately below. And for more info or to order your own $280 IcyBreeze, check out the product’s official website here.

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