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IBM Model F Keyboard Makes a Comeback

by Joseph
IBM Model F

IBM Model F

Nostalgia is kind to almost everything in the past, even massive, clunky, ten-pound keyboards like the IBM Model F. The famous, and ridiculously large by 2017 standards, keyboard is making a comeback courtesy of New York historian Joe Strandberg, who’s produced a new version of the keyboard for use with modern technology.

Not only is the new version of the IBM Model F keyboard big and heavy enough to clobber an intruder with, but it also makes that satisfying click-clack sound like keyboards were meant to, in this case thanks to IBM’s own “buckling spring switch” tech, replicated here by Mr. Strandberg.

Strandberg is now accepting orders on his IBM Model F functional replicas right here, where the keyboards are priced at $325 a pop. Apparently the cut-off for orders is July 31st, so better get to it if this is a piece of the 1980s you want to have back in your own daily life.

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