Home Entertainment “I Love You, Daddy”: Trailer for Louis CK’s Secret New Movie (Video)

“I Love You, Daddy”: Trailer for Louis CK’s Secret New Movie (Video)

by Joseph
I love you, Daddy

I love you, Daddy

Louis CK has joined the ranks of Woody Allen and Bill Cosby – revered comedians who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Unlike Allen and Cosby, CK has addressed these allegations through his work, with a movie filmed (understandably) in secret. It’s called, gulp, I Love You, Daddy, and it casts CK as a comedian with an underage daughter who hooks up with a Woody Allen surrogate character played by John Malkovich.

Malkovich’s character is a respected artist known to have a penchant for young women, which CK’s character is able to politely ignore until his own daughter is one of the young women in question. I Love You, Daddy also takes another shot across Woody Allen’s bow in its visual style, which seems clearly influenced by the look of Allen’s film Manhattan (which also happens to be about a lecherous director in love with an underage girl, only it’s from the POV of the director!).

Check out the trailer for I Love You, Daddy below. And even if you have 0 interest in the film, you should probably prepare yourself to see an awful lot of blog posts and thinkpieces about it in the near future.

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