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‘I Am Paul Walker’ Documentary Coming to the Paramount Network (Trailer)

by Joseph
I Am Paul Walker

I Am Paul Walker

The ‘I Am‘ series of documentaries from Paramount continues with I Am Paul Walker, an ode to the late actor’s life and work. And as the installment’s official tagline demonstrates, his life is a pretty important part of that equation:

“Father. Humanitarian. Friend. Paul Walker’s was a life fully lived, and his legacy of kindness and compassion continues to inspire others.”

Personally, I’m more interested in Paul Walker’s experiences making the underrated 2006 film Running Scared than I am in any of his humanitarian endeavors, but maybe that places me outside the target audience for I Am Paul Walker. Here’s the trailer for the documentary, which includes a copious amount of home video footage as well as interviews with the people who knew him best:

I Am Paul Walker premieres on the Paramount Network on August 11th. And you can take a look at the rest of the I Am… series at Paramount’s official site for it right here.

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