Home Entertainment “I Am Danny”: New ‘Iron Fist’ Featurette From Netflix (Video)

“I Am Danny”: New ‘Iron Fist’ Featurette From Netflix (Video)

by Joseph
I Am Danny

I Am Danny

Next month the latest Marvel original series is coming to Netflix, this one about Danny Rand, also known as Iron Fist, a martial arts superhero who learned his trade and got his superpowers while training to be a monk in far-off K’un-Lun (“you can’t get there from here,” says Danny). Now, Netflix has released a short featurette in advance of the show’s premiere entitled “I Am Danny.”

You probably don’t need any advance knowledge to enjoy Iron Fist, but “I Am Danny” nevertheless serves as a decent primer/introduction to the character—billionaire industrialist Danny Rand throws away his own corporation and fortune to go become a kung-fu warrior, comes back to New York to fight crime. You get the picture, right?

If not, you better watch “I Am Danny” below, then make sure your Netflix credentials are solid by March 17th, when the entire first season of the series is slated to drop.


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