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HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch Mimics Damascus Steel

by Joseph
HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

If you want to wear a wristwatch that sends a message, and for that message to be “I am an incorrigible bad boy who loves skulls,” HYT has the exact watch for you: The HYT Skull Bad Boy.

The skull seen on the face of the HYT Skull Bad Boy watch is coated an appropriately evil composite material that’s designed to look like Damascus steel used in knives and samurai swords. It’s a highly limited edition of only 50 pieces, which partially explains the extremely high premium price that this watch is going for.

That price would be about $90,000, so financially you’d probably be better off just checking out the HUY Skull Bad Boy timepiece at the official HYT site right here. While you’re there you can also take a look at a lot more cool HYT watches, including the other pieces in the HYT Skull watch line.

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