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Hypnos: The “Sleep Hoodie” With the Built-In Pillow

by Joseph


Continuing the trend of lifestyle products that have names that make them sound like supervillains is Hypnos, a “sleep hoodie” that has a built-in pillow for naps on the go.

The Hypnos’ built-in pillow is tucked in the most natural place for such a thing – the hood. That means if you feel a nap coming on (and you’re not currently operating any heavy machinery), you just pull over the hood, lean against the nearest still surface, and voila, you’re dreaming about hoodies’ jumping over fences while everyone around you tries to find the source of that snoring noise.

The Hypnos sleep hoodie’s Kickstarter campaign only has a few more days before it ends, but until then you can pre-order yours starting at $49 and up right here. And if you’re here looking for information on Hypnos, the Mesmerizer, you might want to try using Google Images or something to weed out the hoodies.


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