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HyperWhistle: The Loudest Whistle in the World

by Joseph


You might think you can whistle pretty loud. You might think your little coach’s whistle can make a pretty loud, high note, that gets everybody’s attention. You might even think that when you blow through it pretty hard you can make the loudest whistle in the world. But you can’t! Unless you have a product called theĀ Hyperwhistle, purportedly the loudest whistle in the world:

  • LOUD! – Up to 142dB for 2+ mile 8x range of a common sports whistle
  • included hearing protectors and easy clip neck lanyard
  • Used for Boating, Sporting Events, Life Safety, Camping, Hiking
  • Works in all weather environments, including underwater


The Hyperwhistle’s Amazon listing has a nice list of professions that could make use of such a loud whistle, but in this space suffice it to say that anybody who uses a whistle in their day to day life could probably stand to have an even louder whistle. Should that include you, you can grab a Hyperwhistle at Amazon right here, where it’s priced at $12.95.

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