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Hyperlapse: Instagram App for Time-Lapse Videos

by Joseph


Everybody loves time-lapse photography, but before recently the effect was difficult for the average, non-professional photographer to achieve without spending a lot of money and, uh, time. Now, thanks to Hyperlapse from Instagram, anybody with an iPhone can get cool time-lapse videos—they still need time in order to do it, though.

Hyperlapse also includes some handy idiot-proof features like image stabilization, which means the footage you get with it won’t have any big jumps or jars. And it can provide time-lapse footage that moves up to 12 times faster than real life, so you’ll be moving at hyperspeed in no time.

If you want to try getting time-lapse footage with Hyperlapse, just check it out at the iTunes store here, where it’s currently available for free. And, to see how it looks in action, I included a short demo video of time-lapse footage collected with Hyperlapse below.


(via Uncrate)

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